Reasons to Consider Switchboard Upgrades

The switchboard is a component of your building’s electrical system that’s responsible for distributing electricity all-around your home or business. Safety switches help to reduce the risk of electrical fires and can prevent your family and clients from suffering from electrocution.


Typical Switchboard Upgrades in North Shore, Northern Beaches, and Central Coast

Often there are a few tell-tale signs that you want to consider having your switchboard upgraded. If you notice lights flickering or you’re frequently replacing fuses, then there’s probably a problem with how your switchboard is distributing electricity.

If you live in an older building that doesn’t have safety switches already installed, then you should seriously consider having an electrician come out to your home or business and installing this life-saving upgrade. Another reason you will probably have to upgrade your switchboard is if you’re looking to upgrade to solar panels. Solar power is a popular reason to get switchboard upgrades in Northern Beaches, Central Coast, and Northern Shore.

Many people often ask if it’s expensive to have your switchboards upgraded. While it can be costly to hire an electrician, it’s a very small price to pay compared to the cost of rebuilding your home and replacing your belongings if there’s an electrical fire. Even without the potential risk of fire looming, the price to upgrade an old switchboard is usually small compared to other household renovations.

Licenced Professionals Perform Home or Businesses Electrical Systems Maintenance

Messing with your electrical system is not a job for DIYers or tinkerers. Licensed electricians are the only people who should be maintaining, inspecting, and upgrading your electrical systems. Life in the modern world means we have an increased dependence on electronics to accomplish a lot of household and business tasks.

If you call out an electrician to inspect your switchboard, it’s advisable that you have them check your whole home or business electrical system including the wiring, smoke detectors, and power sockets. According to Safe Work Australia, a labor conditions board funded by the government, seven workers in Australia have already died in 2016 working with electrical systems.

It is always recommended to hire a professional and licensed electrician who knows what they’re doing when handling your electrical systems to prevent death, fires, or property damage.

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