When to Call an Electrician for Hot Water Repairs


You wake up one morning and climb into the shower before work only to discover that there is no hot water. While this kind of experience will certainly put an end to any residual drowsiness, it’s also among the ruder twists that your home can throw at you over the years. Unfortunately, hot water heaters do run into problems from time to time, but this kind of issue can be especially annoying in during the colder months when you really want a hot shower to start your day.

Electrician or Plumber? Who to Call for Hot Water Repairs in Central Coast or North Shore

If you run into a problem with your home’s hot water, you will likely feel driven to get it fixed as quickly as possible. The question that many homeowners ask at this juncture is what kind of professional they should call? Since the water heater is a matter of water and pipes, should you call a plumber? Or is the problem an electrical issue, necessitating a call to your emergency electrician?


The answer to that question varies depending on the symptoms of your water heater problem. If the water heater is leaking or timeworn, or if your home’s taps aren’t giving you any water pressure—hot or cold—then the issue is more likely to be a plumber’s territory. However, if a newer system isn’t working, the culprit could be at tripped breaker, which is an electrical issue. If your water is lukewarm but not ice cold, meanwhile, then there could be a problem with the thermostat or some other electrical component of your water heater.

If you think your hot water issues are the fault of an electrical problem, give us a call at Hudson Electrical. We do hot water repairs in the North Shore, Northern Beaches, and Central Coast areas. We are happy to stop by your home and take a look at your hot water heater (as well as your circuit breaker) to see if we can identify and solve the problem.

Count on Hudson Electrical for an Emergency Service Most families don’t need hot water at all hours of the day. It’s important for pre-work morning showers, evening baths for the kids, cooking, washing dishes and a few other daily tasks. Still, when your hot water goes out, you’ll quickly realise how important all those things are to your day-to-day routine. In other words, a hot water repair in Northern Beaches or Central Coast is something that would qualify as ‘urgent’ for most people.

At Hudson Electrical, we share that classification. We know how disruptive it can be to go without hot water for hours or days at a time. With this thought in mind, we will do everything we can to fix your system ASAP. We offer an emergency 24/7 service, so no matter when your hot water system goes out, you can always give us a call.

Do you need a hot water repair in North Shore or Northern Beaches? Call Hudson Electrical today on 1800 205 219.